The first solar thermal plant combines with the Chilean electricity system that guarantees 24/7 green energy

The first solar thermal plant combines with the Chilean electricity system that guarantees 24/7 green energy

On Tuesday afternoon, President Sebastian Pinera inaugurated the Zero Dominator Thermosolar plant, A unit connected to the Chile electrical system today.

The unit consists of two components: An already operating photovoltaic system and a solar heating system opened today with an installed power of 110 MW.

All these together will generate a total of 210 MW of capacity and distribution Green energy for more than 380,000 households in the country avoids 640,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, According to government statistics.

How does it work?

Zero Dominator is not alone The first solar thermal plant in the country, but all in Latin America.

Unlike photovoltaics, it is innovative The solar heating system uses the heat of the sun directly.

There, 10,600 glasses Called heliostats, with an area of 140 m eachImmerse yourself in the heat at a height of 250 meters and concentrate the sunlight.

The molten salts spread through this receiver at a temperature of 560. C, Converts heat into the circuit that operates the steam turbine to generate electrical energy.

What is a unique feature of the solar heating system Melted salts can be stored for up to 17.5 hours, Allowing the system to operate continuously even without direct sunlight.

In other words, the infrastructure of this plant allows Reliable production of electricity 24 hours a day.

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International support

Built by Zero Dominator Supported by Corbo, the European Union (EU) and the German Development Bank KfW.

The European Union, KFW and KFW IPX-Bank contributed a total of $ 113 million.

The funding was implemented by KfW through loans from the Latin American Investment Facility (LAIF) of the European Union and the International Climate Protection Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry of the Environment.

Corbo financed the Zero Dominator project with a loan from a local bank.

Meanwhile, the IKI contribution from the KfW Development Bank was also provided to the Republic of Chile through a $ 53 million loan through Corbo.

Through his Twitter account, The Energy Minister Juan Carlos Jobet wrote: “Historic milestone: We have opened the first thermosolar plant in Latin America, which provides clean energy 24/7 and 100% renewable to the national grid, and sets us world leaders in the clean energy scene around the world ”.

EU Ambassador to Chile Leon de la Torre said “Chile and the EU are partners in climate matters They are working closely towards the shared goal of carbon-neutrality by 2050.

“The beginning of Zero Dominator Symbol of our strategic alliance, Securities, technology and investment, ”he promised.

“Through the GIZ and KfW Group, I am pleased that the Federal Ministry of the Environment has contributed to the implementation of the Zero Dominator Solar Project,” said Svenza Schulz, President of the German Portfolio.

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“Chile is a Latin American country Highest direct radiation and lowest atmospheric awareness in the world. Today, we are proud to launch this great initiative to combat the effects of climate change and provide renewable energy to the national grid, ”said Pablo Terrazzo, Corbo’s Executive Vice President.

“We appreciate the launch of this identification project because it represents the commitment of US investment to the country and is a true reflection of the sustainable vision of doing business in terms of promoting diversity, economic entrepreneurship and environmental responsibility.

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