How to capture the total solar eclipse on your phone like a pro

Eclipse Mania Sweeps the U.S. as Total Solar Eclipse Approaches

As North America prepares for a total solar eclipse on Monday, excitement is building across the United States. Dubbed as eclipse mania, people are planning various events and gatherings to witness this rare celestial event.

Concerts, viewing parties, and even a mass wedding are scheduled along the path of totality where the eclipse will be fully visible. Many are eager to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment, even with just a phone camera in hand.

For those looking to photograph the eclipse with their phone, experts recommend using a sun filter or eclipse glasses to protect both the phone’s lens and the viewer’s eyes. Adjusting the focus and exposure settings on the phone camera can help capture the eclipse details and totality accurately.

To achieve a clear shot, minimizing movement is crucial. Using a tripod or timer mode can help stabilize the phone and avoid blurry images. During totality, experts suggest using burst mode to capture the “diamond ring effect,” a beautiful phenomenon that occurs just before and after the full eclipse.

While it may be tempting to zoom in for a closer look, it is advised to avoid zooming too much as it can compromise the photo quality. Instead, photographers are encouraged to capture the special moments surrounding the eclipse, such as people’s reactions and the crescent-shaped patterns of light on the ground.

With the anticipation growing, many are eagerly awaiting Monday’s solar eclipse and are ready to document this unforgettable experience. Whether attending a viewing party or simply stepping outside to witness the event, this total solar eclipse is sure to be a sight to behold.

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