New Rule Allows Retro Game Emulators on App Store Globally

Apple has made a significant update to its App Store rules, now allowing emulators for retro console games to be available globally. This move has the potential to revolutionize gaming on Apple devices, as developers may now bring their emulator apps to the App Store. However, developers have been warned to ensure they follow copyright rules when creating these apps.

While Android users have long had access to emulators for old classics on their devices, Apple’s update may level the playing field for iOS users. Emulator apps on the App Store must use an in-app purchase mechanism for digital items, in compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act rules.

In addition to allowing emulators, Apple’s updated rules also support in-app purchases for mini-games, AI chatbots, and plug-ins for super apps like WeChat. This comes after the U.S. Department of Justice recently sued Apple over the suppression of super apps.

One major change in the rules will also benefit music streaming services like Spotify, allowing them to display subscription information and drive users to their website for purchases. Spotify has already submitted an update to comply with these rules, but Apple has yet to approve it.

A Spotify spokesperson has criticized Apple for not following the law and may face fines for noncompliance. As these new rules take effect, developers and users alike will undoubtedly see significant changes in how they interact with the App Store and their favorite apps.

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