De Alessio case: A lawyer asked for the dismissal of a key piece of evidence that could have been in favor of most of the accused

De Alessio case: A lawyer asked for the dismissal of a key piece of evidence that could have been in favor of most of the accused
Marcelo de Alessio
Marcelo de Alessio

Called the case De Alessio, For example the reason taken by the President Alberto Fernandez And vice-president Christina Kirschner Nothing will be done if the Attorney General’s opinion is given beforehand to show the connection between the justice and intelligence services. Federal Chamber of Mar de Plata Asks to challenge the main part of the case: Analysis of the phone numbers of the wrong attorney Marcelo de Alessio. Evidence of reconciliation for most of the accused came from there.

If this opinion is accepted, then all the evidence obtained through that cell phone is nothing. Acting as a result will become confetti. There are conversations with others related to the cause. And conversations recorded by de Alessio with the former Minister of Defense of Mauricio Macri Patricia Bulrich Or with the support of the Civic Alliance Paula Olivetto, Among other derivatives of this scandal.

This decision is in the hands of the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata. The opinion he agreed with Infopa, Signed by the Attorney General Juan Manuel Pettigiani, Who had already commented last October that he was his Buenos Aires colleague who researched the cause of the notebooks He had to be acquitted of all the crimes he had committed by Ramos Patila In any case, the case should go to the Commodore bag.

The project came after nearly two and a half years of instruction Judge Alejo Ramos Patila Dolores left the court and became the federal election judge for the state of Buenos Aires. And counsel for the case Juan Pablo Curi Has been saying that De Alessio is sent for trial And the first defendants in the case. According to Ramos Patila, that was the case “An Illegal Prostitution Association, which carries out all kinds of projects and activities in politicians, businessmen, journalists, the judiciary and public opinion, through various and complex activities related to espionage and illegal intelligence.”

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The play, which could be dropped, was directed by de Alessio’s lawyer, Claudio Foker. But after a blink of an eye from Pettigiani.

Carlos Stornelli, at his trial in Dolores
Carlos Stornelli, at his trial in Dolores

Last October, when the Chamber of Mar del Plata’s lawyer Carlos Stornelli reconsidered the situation, Bettigiani, who was executed in the case – as he said at the time Infopa– He promised: “The management of the evidence in this file is striking because in a case where the witnesses are assessed as tightening, softening or emergency, the trial magistrate (Ramos Patila) will have to cross that line, forcing a defendant to open his phone with his fingerprint or face. Defendant de Alessio “voluntarily” hands over his number password to unlock the phone. I understand that the constitutional validity of the said key extraction must be reviewed, which will be carried out on the accused de Alessio, Such as the use of prohibited statements by the accused, ”the Chamber’s attorney confirmed.

Data is not new to prosecutors: A few days after the arrest, on February 21, 2019, the abusive lawyer was transferred to a headquarters in the federal capital, where his lawyer did not appear for health reasons, but his expert witness opened their cell phones with information that was the driving force behind the file.

Judge Ramos Patila (Adrian Escander)
Judge Ramos Patila (Adrian Escander)

At his trial, de Alessio said: “With Valeca (his wife) and two boys, give me someone to trust me, I do what you want. It’s over. It has already been revealed who I work for. Did they pay me? They did not pay me. I am a fool. They scanned me. I like to collaborate with the boys. If you like iPhone I will open it for you now. Enter my Samsung 8 that everything is in the telegram ”. However, he warned: “We must unlock the iPhone without a signal. Without the chip, do not operate the iPhone with a cellular or cellular WiFi signal because the inside will break.”

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The phone did not break and the evidence can be found there. But to open it, the false lawyer was transferred to 300 on Maduro Avenue, the headquarters of the Argentine Navy’s Cyber ​​Crime Unit. His attorney, Claudio Foger, did not appear due to health issues, but his expert witness Ruben Martin attended with official experts and complaints, judicial and defense officials.

What happened there was that in 2002 Commodore Pi settled a criminal complaint against a habeas corpus and Ramos Patila in support of de Alessio. In July 2019, Judge Marcelo Martinez de Giorgi Dolores closed the complaint against the then judge for lack of guilt, Related Infopa At the time. Witnesses outside the security forces’ distribution and bystanders who attended the hearing agreed Marcelo de Alessio issued the passwords for his telephone devices voluntarily, with the cooperation and without any coercion, by the judicial authorities of the Dolores Federal Court, ”said Martinez de Giorgi..

Attorney Juan Manuel Pettigiani
Attorney Juan Manuel Pettigiani

Questions were never raised about how the phone was opened in the Dolores case. After Pettigiani’s comment in October, de Alessio’s lawyer formally demanded zero of the evidence obtained over the phone a month ago, underlining that he was not in practice.

Both Attorney Guri and Nekoya are federal judges Bernardo BibleDolores, the interim incumbent of the court, rejected the request, but the defense appealed, and now it will be the Federal Chamber, which will have to analyze the issue. In this context, attorney Pettigiani supported the defense movement. In his view, He was forced to testify against him and his constitutional rights were violated.

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Attorney Pettigiani, at the time, said, “De Alessio was emotionally and psychologically devastated and in danger of dying. ” In his opinion, Ramos Patila used force unlawfully, thus “accusing the accused himself and in turn doing so without the presence of a defender.” And recognition “Use Essential Power” The accused had to open his cell phone.

According to the lawyer, de Alessio “questioned whether he had acted freely without his fault. At his inquest my client handed over his keys in exchange for benefiting from house arrest. Intuitively he was already asking to be repented of But the aforementioned revelations of a man who has recently been detained do not contain the questions of “forcibly interfering with his psychiatric medications.”

At this time, Marcelo de Alessio faces an oral trial, he was released from Essa prison, Before the Federal Oral Court 2. It The businessman condemned him Gabriel Trophicont. Along with him, two former AFI agents and a Mercedes lawyer face the bench Juan Ignacio Python, He had in his hand the reason for General Rodriguez’s triple offense.

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