There is a bug in Anger’s UF branded security camera that allows you to take full control of someone else’s camera in red-jigsaw.

Anchor Home Appliance Brand “UFAn error has been reported in the security camera of “(UF)” and the recorded videos and live videos will be displayed in red on another person’s account. Security cameras installed inside and outside the home take pictures with a high degree of privacy, which raises concerns from users.

Access to random cameras in another country: UFCom

Eufy privacy breach leaks live and recorded game feeds – 9to5Mac

UFC responds to major privacy breach, server ‘error’ – claims unauthorized camera access to 9to5Mac

It was a user of the Foreign Bulletin Board Reddit who reported a bug in the security camera manufactured by Yufi.MeChum87Mr. When he tried to check the video recorded by his security camera using Ufi’s exclusive app, he noticed that his video was not there. The video shown instead of MeChum87 showed a kangaroo, so it looks like it was recorded by “someone’s UF camera” used in Australia.

According to MeChum87, one can verify the account information displayed in one’s own application and browse contact information. “I have three small children, so I’m very worried that someone else is watching the video taken by my camera in red,” MeChum87 said.

On the other hand, some users have reported watching a live video, which must also be credited to someone else’s account. According to this user, you can not only access live and recorded videos, but also turn on the camera and pon / tilt and start new recordings.

A 9to5Mac reporter from Apple-related media confirmed the UFC camera issue, saying, “You can check all the details, records, live content, etc. as if you were logged into someone else’s account. Additionally, 9to5Mac reports that access to his camera was restored when he logged out of his account and logged in again.

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When asked to comment on this bug 9to5Mac UFC said, “A certain number (0.001%) due to a software bug that occurred during the latest server upgrade on May 17 at about 4:50 pm local time.” Users now have access to video feeds from other users’ cameras. After the server update, our engineering team confirmed the issue at 5:30 pm and within 6:30 pm.This issue has had a small impact on users in the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Cuba. , Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, but not on European users. UFC’s customer service team is affected. We will continue to contact those who have received it. “UFC insists on only a small number of affected users.

Also, according to the UFC descriptionBaby viewing materials,Smart lock,Alert system,Pet ItemsNot affected.i.e., Created by UFBattery camera,Tourbell with camera,Camera with light,Indoor security cameraProducts in such categories seem to be affected by error.

In other words, the internal security camera “Ufi Indoor Game Bon & Tilt 2K” reviewed by Jigsaw may have been affected by an error.

Anker’s security camera that can record 2K movies and detect motion below 5,000 yen “UF Intercom Bon & Tilt 2K” Review – Jigsaw

UFOfficial siteWe also reported an error on our official Twitter account and recommend “Sign out of your account and sign out again”. However, since the details of the error have not been released, 9to5Mac asked, “Will Ufi, who solved a large-scale security problem only with the ambiguous word ‘buck’, be trusted in the future?” I question that.

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In addition, to the security camera made by UFHomeKit Secure VideoThis also makes it clear that accessing users are not affected by this error.

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