Revealed! This is why corpses are dumped in the Ganges

Revealed!  This is why corpses are dumped in the Ganges

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The increase in Covid 19 cases in India has led to dumping of corpses in the Ganges. Quoting from Reuters on Sunday (16/05/2021) this situation cannot be separated from extreme poverty and social panic in remote areas like Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh is located in northern India, with descendants of Brazil and Pakistan. On the second occasion the area experienced an unusual spike.

Received a memo from Reuters senior officer Manoj Kumar Singh to the local district leadership. Singh said the family did not have the funds to buy items such as firewood for cremation. On the other hand, there is the impact of religious beliefs and fears due to the fear of spreading.

To that end, the government will provide 5,000 rupees or $ 68 in financial assistance for cremation and burial through the village. Local police will also be waiting around the river to prevent further dumping of bodies.

Singh declined to confirm the leaked memo to Reuters.

Uttar Pradesh spokesperson Navneet Sehgal on Saturday denied local media reports that 2,000 bodies of COVID-19 victims had been recovered from rivers in the state and neighboring Bihar in recent days.

“We are finding 10 to 20 bodies nowadays,” Sehgal told Reuters, adding that some riverside villages did not cremate their bodies due to some traditionally important Hindu traditions.

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