Press Stories – Israel-Hamas War – April 15, 2024

A United Nations team visited Al-Shifa Hospital grounds in Gaza following an Israeli raid on April 8, where they discovered fifteen bodies in the area surrounding the hospital. The bodies were found after the Israeli military withdrew two weeks ago, prompting Gaza residents and medical crews to search for what they believe are mass graves.

Since the siege on the hospital ended on April 1, hundreds of bodies have been recovered from the vicinity of the hospital complex. Disturbing video footage shows medical workers, some wearing UN-marked vests, digging up bodies at the site as residents of Gaza mourn the loss of their loved ones who were killed during the Israeli military operation.

Families are still searching for missing relatives and trying to identify decomposed bodies. Waleed Abu-Laila shared his heart-wrenching experience of finding his mother’s decomposed body and identifying her from specific markings on her feet and hands.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have not responded to the allegations made about the killings at the hospital. During the siege, the hospital was blocked from all sides, and bodies were found scattered throughout the streets.

Khadr Al-Za’anoun of the official Palestinian news agency, Wafa, contributed to the report, shedding light on the ongoing tragedy unfolding in Gaza. The search for answers and justice continues as the people of Gaza demand accountability for the loss of their loved ones.

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