Colilas’ party, UDH-Yuki, says it does not approve of Cheney’s decision

In the Congo-Pressa, UDH-Yuki condemns, according to the party, incidents that could compromise the credibility and transparency of the March 21 presidential election. These facts include ballot stuffing, imaginary polling stations and the deliberate opening of some polling stations.

These facts include ballot stuffing, imaginary polling stations and the deliberate opening of some polling stations.

Christian Sir Rodrguez Mayanda, spokesman for the Guy-Pryce Burfite Colas, leader of the Union of Humanitarian Democrats (UTH-Yuki), who died Sunday through Monday night, is accused of defrauding the Congolese Labor Party (PCD) of President Denis Sassou Nousseo.

“Of all the reports that come to me, this is it. In Talanga, [un quartier nord de Brazzaville], Without the majority-owned MDP headquarters, is an imaginary office. Polling station leaders seal ballot boxes in front of delegates, He told us on the phone on March 21 that his leader was fighting between life and death.

He says one of his deputies arrested the police without doing anything.

Mr. Many residents of the Mayanta capital cast their ballots on Sunday.

As for the more than ten polling stations that opened late, that is “To depress people”, According to him.

Sir Christian Roderick Mayanda also complains about the fact that at other polling stations, UDH-Yuki representatives were expelled on the pretext that their credentials were not in good and proper form.

Mayanda was received by a delegation of African Union observers on Saturday, March 20, who said they had stopped about 20 people to watch the election.

“With 20 people, what do you want to track and what report are you going to make?”, Aroused within the framework of UDH-Yuki.

The Episcopal Conference issued denying recognition to its audience “Serious reservation” Regarding the transparency of the ballot. He wanted to test an application that downloaded all the polling station minutes to get a real-time idea of ​​the reality of the ballot boxes. In vain. The internet freeze – like the 2016 election – shattered confidence.

“All of this, and we have no evidence that we do not have the final official results that they can handle. They did not publish the results in front of the polls as the law says.”, a temp M.té M. Mayantha. “We do not recognize these votes.”, Warned the lawyer.

According to preliminary results presented by the Electoral Commission on Monday, the outgoing leader of the Congo-Pressa, Denis Sassounoso, is in the lead.

“These are just percentage trends. Across the country, the results are mostly in this direction.”, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission Henry Boka told reporters.

“We assure you that the results announced tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will actually be an expression of the votes cast by the voters.”, Said the head of the Election Commission.

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