Scientists have discovered a fossil that is a billion years old

Scientists have discovered a fossil that is a billion years old

A billion-year-old micro fossil has been discovered in the Scottish Highlands. This suggests that early life forms on Earth may have evolved in freshwater lakes rather than at sea.

The discovery was made by researchers at the University of Sheffield and Boston College in the United States. Skynews… According to scientists, this discovery may be the earliest biodiversity of everything recorded (Scroll to the end to view the photo).

The fossil, called the bicellum brasieri, shows an organism sitting between a single-celled and multicellular animal. Scientists say it offers a new perspective on transforming unicellular organisms into biodiversity.

Professor Charles Wellman, one of the leading researchers at the University of Sheffield, considers the origin of complex biodiversity and the origin of animals to be two of the most important events in the history of the Earth, and the discovery sheds new light on these two issues.

“The discovery of this new fossil allows us to assume that the evolution of biodiversity took place at least a billion years ago, and that the early events leading to the evolution of animals may have occurred in fresh water, such as lakes, rather than in the ocean,” he stressed. …

Bysellam Fraseri
Bysellam Fraseri

As announced OBOZREVATEL, Archaeologists first discovered a mummy from the time of ancient Egypt, that is Covered with soil.

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