House Speaker Johnson to Advocate for Israel Aid, Potential Package to Ukraine and Taiwan

House Speaker Mike Johnson is set to introduce a $95 billion spending package in the House this week, which includes crucial wartime aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. The supplemental package also includes humanitarian assistance for civilians in Ukraine and Gaza, as well as funding to replace U.S. weapons provided to Taiwan.

Despite facing political pressure to pass the aid quickly, Johnson is being met with division within the Republican party on whether to continue supporting Kyiv in the midst of Russia’s invasion. The recent attack by Iran on Israel has only added to the urgency for Johnson to push the aid through.

The White House and Senate members are urging Johnson to bring a bill that has already been approved by the Senate to the House floor. Johnson is considering structuring the funding for Kyiv as loans, utilizing frozen Russian central bank assets, and implementing other policy changes.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has announced a change in the legislative schedule for the week to focus on legislation supporting Israel and holding Iran accountable. Former President Trump has voiced his support for Johnson’s efforts to secure aid for the nations in need.

President Biden has called on congressional leaders to act swiftly in sending aid to Israel and Ukraine, with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stressing the importance of passing the supplemental bill for the future of both countries. The White House is urging the House to pass the national security supplemental as soon as possible to address the ongoing threats faced by Israel and Ukraine.

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