Emmanuel Macron sends an SMS of strong support to his health minister

Emmanuel Macron sends an SMS of strong support to his health minister

The French president has already expressed his displeasure over the slowdown in the vaccine campaign in France. “I, too, wage war in the morning, afternoon, evening and night, expecting the same determination from everyone. However, there it does not go. It must change quickly and vigorously, it will change rapidly and vigorously,” he told the Le Journal to Dimanche at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, this is not really the case.

But it is Health Minister Oliver Warren who is the target of all criticism, and Emmanuel Macron is taking his defense in a serious way. He sent her a clear text: “Stay, we’ll get them, these attacks.”

The members of the health administration in question are the “attacks” he considers “a state within a state” and he wants to bring heels.

During a recent meeting, he reportedly became very angry when he read a pamphlet distributed to hospitals about vaccines. “What is it? Who wrote this? The French are taking us for a fool! I really wish we had progressed on vaccines. I do not understand why we prescribe medical advice before, blow me to this! He would have exploded.

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