Major, Joe Biden’s dog, bites White House officer again | The world

Major, Joe Biden's dog, bites White House officer again |  The world

Major, the president’s youngest dog United States, Joe Biden, Biting an employee again for the second time this month, the White House admitted Tuesday.

Michael Larosa, First Lady’s press secretary, said the dog was “walking someone” on Monday. Jill Biden, Major “adjusts even more with his new environment,” he said. Larosa said the new victim of the animal was examined by the White House medical unit for “excessive precaution” and returned to work without any injuries.

The Major saw journalists strolling on the southern lawn of the White House in front of the President as the First Lady climbed into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Monday evening.

The German shepherd returned to the president’s official residence last week, next to his older brother, Schamp, after he was bitten by a secret service agent. On March 8th.

The Biden family dogs move into the White House

The Biden family dogs move into the White House

After the incident, the president said the Major was a “sweet dog.” In an interview with ABC News, Biden justified his bite by saying that the dog had “made a mistake, there are two people he doesn’t know, you know, and they (the service) have been around a lot to do security”.

“85% of people love him,” the president said at the time.

“He went home,” Biden said. “I did not ban him from the White House. Jill will be gone in four days. I’m going for two days, so we took him home, ”he explained.

Major, Biden family dog, strolling the White House lawn on Monday (29) – Photo: Jim Watson / AFP

The dogs met at Camp David and Joe and Jill Biden in Maryland two weekends ago He returned to the White House on the 21st. Last week, one of them was waiting on the balcony of the White House when Marine One landed on the lawn, delivering a speech to the President in Columbus, Ohio.

“Dogs will come and go, and it’s not uncommon for them to return to Delaware from time to time, as the president and first lady did last,” said Jen Zhaki, the White House press secretary.

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