Microsoft works to stream xCloud 1080p for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft works to stream xCloud 1080p for Xbox Game Pass

It is said to run on the Xbox Game streaming application for Microsoft Windows devices. This application comes with access to game streaming via cloud based streaming service, XCloud Project. The app also offers the ability to stream games at 1080p resolution.

Windows Central Show The maximum resolution for streaming Xbox Cloud games is limited to 720p. However, HD resolutions are declining based on user experience. The report shows that 720p flow appears to be blurred.

1080p brings Microsoft’s game streaming service to XCloud closer to Google Stadia’s “free” layered service. The latest update also includes live console streaming, which is in 1080p resolution.

Edge Report It also works on the Microsoft Xbox Remote Play feature. It is available to connect to the Xbox console. This functionality works closely with the current functionality of the Microsoft console companion. Users will have the option to remotely raise the Xbox console. They can sign in and play during the trip.

The update also includes full touch support. This will allow Surface users or other touchscreen Windows devices to play Xbox games without the need for a controller. Microsoft will also provide support for Cairo, the report said. The internal beta feature indicates that it is registered, but not yet fully functional, the report added.

Microsoft’s xCloud continues to grow as Google struggles with similar services, Google Stadia.

Earlier this month, Google announced the closure of its internal gaming division for Stadia. Reports suggest that Google’s developers are not happy with this decision. Interestingly, Bill Harrison, vice president and general manager of Google Stadia, praised the staff for the “big step” the studio made, a week before the closure was announced.

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