Huawei named the iPhone 12 “the best smartphone in the world”

Huawei named the iPhone 12 "the best smartphone in the world"

Hawaii founder and CEO Ren Zhengfi praised its rival Apple’s latest smartphone in a detailed interview, calling the iPhone 12 “the best smartphone in the world.”

He added that Apple’s new smartphones have helped prove to the world that 5G technology and Hawaii are actively selling equipment. Ren Zhengfi expects the new US government led by Joe Biden to be more open about China and expand cooperation between the two countries. He hopes the new president will ease restrictions on Chinese technology and allow US companies to sell their products back to Hawaii.

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Our organization does not have the strength to participate in this political whirlpool. We strive to create good products. We hope that the US government will pursue a more open policy in the interests of American companies and the growth of the US economy.

We have already reported it Hawaii U.S. suppliers seek to appeal action taken by the Donald Trump administrationI hope the new Joe Biden administration will change course.

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