Engine 3.0! Robots from cooking to serving; This is a high tech cafe in Dubai


Dubai, the magical city of tourists, continues to shine with its many new locations during the Kovit period. The main attraction is the Robot Cafe in the Dubai Festival City Mall. Robots greet tourists at this hotel. Upon arriving here, you will find scenes reminiscent of machine movies.

The Robot Cafe, which opened in June 2020, is set to open its doors to visitors. This restaurant has no human staff or cooks; All work is done by German-made robots. The work is done mechanically from cooking to serving the tables.

When listening to robots, we are reminded of robots in human form, as we have seen in the movies. But this is not such a system. Functions are controlled by three robot hands. People need to place an order on the smart screen placed on their desk. They are sorted and the robots deliver food to their respective locations in a short period of time. Coffees, hot chocolate, wraps and pastries are on the regular menu.

Observers believe that the use of this type of technology during the Govt period would have increased security. Using robots in this way will reduce the number of people and thus better maintain physical distance.

In South Korea, robots are used instead of humans. The robot ‘Cape’ used as a trolley is used to deliver food to a restaurant in Seoul. KT Corp, a South Korean telecommunications company, has developed a robot called Aglio Kim. It was launched in September last year to reduce human contact and ensure social distance. At 1.25 m tall, the robot has food trays weighing up to 30 kg. It also has an LCD screen and speaker that can communicate in Korean and English. It can serve up to four tables at a time.

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English Summary: Dubai now has a cafe run by robots

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