Macron to the French: “We have become 66 million accused – do not exaggerate it with criticism” | The world

Macron to the French: "We have become 66 million accused - do not exaggerate it with criticism" |  The world

President of France Emanuel Macron He said the French have a habit of criticizing anyone who tries to take the initiative and lead the country forward.

Macron did not say whether he was referring to himself, but one of his political opponents said comments suggested that the French leader had been injured for criticizing his four-year rule. Speaking to a group of students and academics at the University of Paris, Macron said in France “Constantly looking for error.” We have become 66 million accused. “

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“This is not the way to deal with crises or move forward.” Everyone makes mistakes every day. ”

Emanuel Macron, a 43-year-old former investment banker, came to power in 2017, promising a new way to do politics. However, much of his reform agenda was “sunk” in trade union wars and disagreements erupted even among his own allies.

45% popularity of Emanuel Macron

His management of the Covit-19 epidemic has divided public opinion, with some saying he did better than other European leaders, while others in France blamed his government’s incompetence.

According to a poll conducted by iPop, The fame of Emanuel Macron It now stands at 45%, up from 66% when he took office in May 2017. He faces next year’s presidential election, where his main opponent may be the far – right Marin Le Pen.

Gilbert Kolar, a member of Le Pen’s party, said Macron must accept that criticizing the head of state is part of living in a democracy. Kolar told PFMTV that he was “injured” by the criticism against him. “I care about the president.”

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