“Super Mario 3D World + Fury World” releases new game modes and new components. Detailed Introduction “Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Anger”

"Super Mario 3D World + Fury World" releases new game modes and new components.  Detailed Introduction "Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Anger"

Nintendo SwitchSuper Mario 3D World + Fury World“Released on February 12th (Friday). Nintendo announced the introductory video a few days ago and released a detailed introduction of the new components, the new game system” Furious World “and various new components.

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New theatrical version of “Furious World”

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First, introduce another Mario adventure, the new theatrical mode “Furious World”. You can choose “Super Mario 3D world“And” Furious World “, enjoy your favorite game mode anytime, anywhere.

Adventure level

“Furious World” is different from the licensed category “Super Mario 3D world“Based on Sandbox Island, which emerges from the vast lake, Mario embarks on an adventure to collect the” cat sun power “scattered throughout the land of cats.

Partner is the role of the enemy! ?

Mario will be with Junior Cuba who is supposed to be the enemy this time. Cooper Jr. will be on Mario’s side to help, pick up props and make a “rescue”. If you share the Joy-Khan play, you can run 2 people separately for the co-op game.

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Ride Breeze

In the country of cats, you can explore freely while directing the game perspective. Trusted Assistant Press to explore this lake. When riding in the back, whether it is in the water or on the beach, it will be unobstructed.

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The enraged Kuba appears

After a while, the peaceful world suddenly changed. In the midst of violent storms, an “enraged Kuba” appeared. Flames were expelled from the mouth, and flying thorns transformed the terrain, and a super powerful attack put Mario in danger.

In a short time, Guba’s gesture of anger disappears and he is silent for a short time before reappearing. A brief calm and aggressive fury Kuba constantly alternates.

Giant Cuba vs. Giant Cat Mario

The only thing that can fight Furious Cuba is the famous item “Giant Bell”. Collect the power of the cat’s sun to raise the seal of the giant bell, and Mario will become a giant “Mario giant cat”! The giant one-on-one battle between Furious Cuba and the giant cat Mario is about to begin.

Added “snapshot mode”

When playing alone, you can turn off the screen at any time and use “snapshot mode” to take photos freely. You can shoot Mario and others from many angles. If you zoom in or add filters, you can take photos with a slightly different style. At the same time, you can attach the logo obtained in “3D World” and try to take a unique original photo.

3D applies to both “3D World” and “Furious World”.

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Associated with amoebae

Use the amoeba of “Mario the Cat” to turn the invincible “Mario the White Cat”. Use the amoeba of “Princess Cat Brigitte” to trigger the random appearance of boosters. You can try it when there are no props.

3D applies to both “3D World” and “Furious World”.

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Amoeba and game software for “Mario the Cat” and “Princess Brigitte the Cat” will also be released on February 12, 2021 (Friday), and bookings are now accepted.

The bookings and product inventory will vary depending on the actual condition of the store, check with the store staff for details.

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In addition, this game software supports all amoebas. For details, visit Nintendo’s official website.

“3D world” where you can play together even from a distance

In multiplayer game, in addition to shared play related to neighbor host communication, it also supports online play with friends. You can go on adventures with your family and friends.

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F “Frenzy World” does not match the nearest host contact and online game.

When playing online by contacting nearbyby nearby hosts, a maximum of 2 people can participate in the game for 1 Nintendo Switch.

When playing online, you need to join “Nintendo Switch Online” (for money). (Start date for Taiwan region to be determined)

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