What is the signal application that users come to download as an alternative to WhatsApp?

What is the signal application that users come to download as an alternative to WhatsApp?

“Signal” topped the list of most downloaded apps in many countries in the “Apple Store” and “Google Play” stores, with its rival “WhatsApp” on Thursday announcing its intention to share additional data with the parent network “Facebook”.

As I mentioned, the free app tops the list of most downloaded apps in India, Germany, France and Hong Kong, as many users of WhatsApp on social networks have indicated their desire to migrate to the signal, just like Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Signal via Twitter.

In order to attract more new users, Signal has released a simple description of the usage rules, making it easy to switch their conversations from one news application to another. The new request for the application caused technical problems on Thursday and Friday. Signal “Verification codes are currently delayed (…) because many are currently trying to join the signal.”

Launched in 2014, Signal is rated by experts as one of the most secure messaging applications in the world, especially thanks to its ability to fully encrypt communication and voice or video communication between both ends of the spectrum.

The application quickly became popular among journalists and whistleblowers, especially thanks to the support of Edward Snowden, who leaked confidential data on US intelligence services’ methods of spying on communications.

The “WhatsApp” service faces criticism after its request from nearly two billion users worldwide, who have to agree to new terms of use that allow them to share additional data with the app’s owner, Facebook. Users who refuse to comply with the new rules will be banned from using their accounts until February 8.

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The group seeks to generate cash by allowing advertisers to interact with their customers via WhatsApp or sell their products directly on the platform, which is where the network began to work in India. The company points out that the data between “WhatsApp” and the “Facebook” application system (including “Instagram” and “Messenger”) includes contacts and profile information, but does not affect the content of encrypted messages.

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