Accept the new terms or you will lose access

Accept the new terms or you will lose access

The popular WhatsApp team updated its website with information about the new Terms of Service and the policy for processing user data, and began to warn users about upcoming changes.

WhatsApp warns: Agree to new terms or may lose access

WhatsApp users on Android and iPhone are starting to receive notifications of changes in service and privacy policy.

Users are also warned that they will have to accept new terms to continue using Messenger. The new terms and conditions and policies will take effect from 8 February 2021. From this date, to use WhatsApp, you must express your consent by clicking the corresponding button.

WhatsApp reports major changes:

  • Additional information on how we process your data… Our updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy provide additional information about our Privacy Obligations and how we process your data. For example, we’ve added additional information about new product features and capabilities, how we process your data for security, security and integrity, and additional direct links to user preferences, help center articles, and how we manage your information.
  • Improving relationships with companies… Many companies use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. We partner with companies that use Facebook or third-party services to help them store messages and better manage their contacts with you on WhatsApp.
  • Assisting in communication… As a Facebook company, WhatsApp has partnered with Facebook to provide functionality and integration into the Facebook family of apps and products. ”
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