The EEC will review the minutes for the election of Kunica Mayor

The EEC will review the minutes for the election of Kunica Mayor

The mayoral race of Kuznica is likely to gain some clarity on Monday State Election Commission (CEE) Examine the event and award minutes, with some votes in favor of independent candidate Eduardo Cruz Wells, in line with the ruling handed down by Judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos.

However, Lind Merle Peliciano, the election representative for the popular candidate for the Southern City Council, argued that despite the fact that the total number of votes cast by direct candidacy was given to Cruz Wallace, Ismail “scolds” Rodriguez Ramos as the new mayor, ousting Santos Coda.

Even if you give him 100% of the vote by direct candidacy, it is no more than the number of Tide RodriguezSaid Merle Feliciano.

Rodriguez Ramos received a preliminary certificate as mayor of Quinica, which gave him the right to begin the transition process with the Ceda group.

The EEC has given 2,386 votes to Rodriguez Ramos, of which 100% of the schools are counted. Meanwhile, the agency’s website did not reflect a single vote in favor of Cruz Welles, although 2,362 people appeared in the ballot through the direct nomination box.

In recent days, on Thursday Cuevas Ramos decided that all votes associated with the image of Cruz Wallace, including different variants of his name, should be cast in his favor, although the voter did not make an identification of the ballot in the box that appeared. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Cruz Wallace’s coalition government.

Cruz Wallace argued that giving those votes was inconsistent with the text of the new electoral law, but the judge ruled that the controversy was not part of the EEC resolution, which Cruz wanted to challenge in the Wallace court.

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“In the present case, we must separate ourselves from a textual interpretation in order for the purpose of the voter to prevail. Voting by direct nomination differs from other types of ballot because for its casting, the voter must write the name of a person who is not a candidate. It is impossible to be consistent in whether a brand exists, ”said Quas Ramos in his sentence.

However, Merle Feliciano pointed out that Rodriguez Ramos should soon be certified as the mayor of Cunica.

“After checking the minutes of the 14 units of the Kuznica 48 campus, it was not reconsidered so that number of votes (given to Cruz Wallace) would not make a difference in the final result. There was an error in pointing out that 2,362 is compatible with Eduardo Cruz and that it is not EEC certified, “Merle Feliciano told El Nio Dia. On Monday we will coordinate to check the minutes, ”he said.

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