Children spend days with their parents’ bodies after ‘pickling poison’

Alexander Yakunin, 30, and his 25-year-old wife Viktoria on their wedding day.

Two children lived with their parents’ bodies for three days after dying suddenly from eating poisonous pickles.

Alexander Yakunin, 30, and his 25-year-old wife, Victoria, were recently found dead at their home in Bolshoi Kuzmokino, Russia.

Mr Yakun’s sister, Natalia, 36, said her five-year-old daughter answered the phone when the family was hit, saying her parents had been “sleeping” for a long time.

He also said his father had turned black.

Alexander Yakunin, 30, and his 25-year-old wife, Victoria, were recently found dead at their home in Bolshoi, Russia. Source:

When Natalia came home, the little girl opened the door and saw the couple’s one-year-old son wearing a nappy at the entrance.

“I ran inside… I turned and saw everything. I fell and screamed, ”Natalia said of the moment she saw the couple’s bodies in bed.

Mr. Yakunin, a gas plant worker and his wife were covered with a blanket.

The 36-year-old threw a jacket at the children and drove them out of the apartment before calling police.

The couple’s deaths remain a mystery, but the publication says a possible cause in the investigation was a homemade jar of pickles open in the kitchen.

Mr Yakunin, a gas plant worker and his wife were found lying on a bed covered with a blanket. Source:

The night before he died, Mr Yakun picked up the children from the kindergarten and parked them at his grandmother’s place, taking a bag of potatoes and pickles from her.

The publication said there was a suspicion that the “happy” couple had ingested botulinum toxin from pickles.

Autopsies and toxicology tests are being performed on their bodies to determine the cause of death.

Friends and family are stunned, but the couple’s sudden and shocking period.

“They said they would bury it in closed coffins. Usually traumatic. No one knows what happened, ”Mr Yakun’s mother told

Neighbors said the family was good and that Mr. Yagun loved his wife and children and was a hard worker.

Victoria’s mum said the couple have always been “happy and smiling” and are making plans for their future.

Mr Yakun’s family will take legal care of the children.

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