NASA’s classified report ‘suspended to protect public’ exposes exposed dramas | Science | News

NASA's classified report 'suspended to protect public' exposes exposed dramas |  Science |  News

Project Apollo is NASA’s third human spaceflight program, the first of which was Neil Armstrong and Bus Aldrin – who successfully landed on the moon. Two famous astronauts accomplished the goal of President John F. Kennedy to land a man on the moon in the late sixties and put an end to space racing with the Soviet Union. Earlier that year, Apollo 10 was launched as a “costume rehearsal”, testing all components and procedures shortly before landing.

But Quest TV’s NASA’s Unexplained Files’ revealed how astronauts are confused by a strange phenomenon in orbit around an extraterrestrial body.

Narrator Eric Dallams explained: “Apollo 10 enters lunar orbit, and astronauts lose all contact with the earth as they travel farther away from the moon.

“At the moment, the astronauts are on their own and no one on Earth can see or hear them.

“It simply came to our notice then that they had escaped.

“But almost four decades later, lost records are emerging, revealing an irreversible event far from the moon.”

Al-Warden, a former NASA astronaut who was the command block pilot for the Apollo 15 lunar mission, revealed why the event was not announced at the time.

He said: “It’s an hour from Earth to the back of the moon, where you lose radio contact.

“They record everything that goes into the orbit of the back of the moon and then dump a data as you orbit.

“Houston or Mission Control, you can see what happens when you’re in the back.

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“Conversations that follow sounds make it clear that astronauts are unlike anything they’ve ever heard.”

In the post, one of the astronauts mentions: “Doesn’t the music even sound outward?”

Another adds: “Of course it’s weird music. No one will believe us.”

Mr Warden, who passed away in March, admitted during the series: “If I hear something there, it will deceive me.”

Within an hour, they were referring to the noise several times, leading some conspiracy theorists to claim that they were in contact with aliens.

But author and former NASA employee Andrew Tsaikin explained how scientists reached a logical explanation.

He said in 2018: “The radios on the two spacecraft are interfering with each other.

“They were in the VHF. There was interruption, and that was the source of the sound.”

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