Devs evangelizes the simplicity of PS5’s development environment

Devs evangelizes the simplicity of PS5's development environment

From the attractive configuration of the PlayStation 3, there is always the concern that Sony will not be able to build a console. When it came to PlayStation 4, computer architect Mark Cherni took the issue directly, as most studios have suggested. They are happy with the PlayStation 5, There have been some rumors that it will be a headache to work with the Japanese giant’s next gen hardware – especially with regard to the resident Evil Village.

Speaks as a part Digital EGX panel, However, Digital Foundry Richard Leadpeter shared some good news for early PS5 adopters. “Every developer I’ve talked to has been evangelizing how easy it is to work to grow for PS5,” he said. “It’s basically the same development environment as the PS4, and you’re scaling from there for new powers, features and whatnot. I can’t stress how happy the developers are in this situation.”

In general, the response from the studios is that the PS5 is a great kit, but it’s good to emphasize that feeling once again. Looking at Sony’s first line – It completely blows up PS4’s first year games – Global Studios is incredibly suited to this new console environment. Nearly a dozen titles have already been announced for the first year of design, and it looks like the PlayStation will start this generation just like it did last.

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