Really cheap Cheap AMD Raisin PC that can be used here

Really cheap Cheap AMD Raisin PC that can be used here

Tbao MN 25 Mini PC – 9 279.99 / £ 220.58 from the bank (Approximately AU $ 390)

Pangoot currently sells the Thibaut MN25 Mini PC with Raison 5 CPU, Radeon Vega 8 graphics, 8GB RAM and 256GB NVME SST at a discounted price of 9 349.99 on its site. However, with the coupon code BGmn2501 You can get an additional $ 70 discount on its sale price. Bangkok’s promotion ends October 31, so if you’re looking for a punch-making mini PC, now’s the time to order.

Tabao is an obscure PC vendor from China, but at least with an established descent in the Far East. One of its computers, The MN25, Is the most affordable AMD Raison PC on the market.

One caveat we would like to publish is that there are actually cheaper Raison models, but they have 4GB of RAM, which, by today’s standards, is far less than the convenient Windows 10 experience. In contrast, the MN25 – which we are currently testing for an upcoming review – comes with 8GB of RAM (in dual channel mode) and 256GB of SST (NVM over Chata).

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