Learn programming skills in a fun way! A programming book using useful scratches for free research and science experiments is now available! Gadget Sushin Ketnews

プログラミングのスキルが楽しく身に着く! 自由研究や理科の実験にも役立つ、スクラッチを使ったプログラミング本が登場!

Learn programming skills in a fun way!  A programming book using useful scratches for free research and science experiments is now available!

Cebundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd. released on May 19, 2019 (Wednesday) “Scientific Experiments with Scratch Making Science More Interesting”.

A book that makes science experiments and observations more interesting using the standard programming language Scratch program for beginners is now available, and will be useful for free research and science classes. In this book, a brief introduction to the method can be used to teach different types of science and science in elementary and junior high school (weight of materials, growth of animals and plants, body composition and exercise, climate change, etc.). There are a total of 17 types of tests. You can start with an experiment of your choice.


“Micro: Bit” introduces education from simple experiments that can only be done with the scratch program to advanced tests that use the sensor of the microcomputer team. Micro: Bit programming is done using an extended version of Scratch “Microbit More”, so if you have knowledge of Scratch, you can program, and children who are accustomed to scratch can further improve their skills.

Not only do you gain scientific knowledge and programming skills, but you can learn while experiencing how programs are used in the world through experiments and observations. The whole book for programming knowledge, which is essential for programming education.


[இந்த புத்தகத்தின் அம்சங்கள்]
Micro: Introduces experiments that can be easily performed with a scratch program, for advanced tests performed using a bit-fitted sensor.
Introducing a variety of functions, from caring for plants to experimenting with doing your own work. Suitable for free study during summer vacation.
You can enhance your programming skills by using the development environment “Microbit More” which allows you to add advanced programming functions by adding Scratch extensions.
And studied a wide range of science and science disciplines in elementary and junior high schools. It can also be used as references for science classes as related units are posted for each subject.
The Support Site of this manual contains useful information such as links to related sites introduced in this manual and application methods of posted experiments.

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