Mystery of Where Gold and Platinum Come From Deepens After Gargantuan Cosmic Explosion

In October 2022, astronomers were stunned by the observation of the brightest flash ever seen in space, which has been nicknamed the Brightest Of All Time (BOAT). The event was captured by the Gemini South telescope in Chile, and further analysis using the Webb Space Telescope revealed that the BOAT was caused by a supernova.

What makes this discovery even more intriguing is the fact that there were no signs of heavy elements like gold or platinum present in the aftermath of the supernova. This challenges previous theories that neutron-star mergers were responsible for the creation of all heavy elements in the universe.

The BOAT event lasted an impressive 10 hours and emitted gamma-rays with energies equivalent to those produced by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. Scientists are still sifting through the data gathered from the burst, which could potentially lead to a reevaluation of current models of jet structure in space.

While the BOAT explosion was certainly a remarkable sight, it is not the largest explosion on record. That title belongs to AT2021lwx, an older outburst believed to have originated from a distant black hole.

Looking ahead, the future appears promising for more spectacular discoveries in space. Next-generation observatories such as the Vera Rubin Observatory in Chile are expected to capture more events like the BOAT, shedding further light on the mysteries of the universe. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as scientists continue to unravel the secrets of the cosmos.

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