Press Stories: Delta 4 Heavy finale, Starliner preparations and ExoMars gets new contract – Spaceflight Now

After over 60 years of service, the Delta family of rockets is preparing to close out its legacy. This marks the end of an era for the trusted rockets that have been a staple in the space industry for decades.

In more exciting news, a new spacecraft from a legacy space company is getting ready for its debut with astronauts on board. This marks a new chapter in space exploration as we move towards crewed missions beyond Earth’s orbit.

Millions of people are still basking in the glory of the recent total solar eclipse. The rare event captivated viewers across the globe as the moon passed in front of the sun, creating a stunning coronal glow.

Meanwhile, a new military weather satellite is gearing up to enter service. This advanced satellite will provide crucial data to help with weather forecasting and monitoring for military operations.

Fans of space exploration can tune in to the Press Site live show, featuring Elizabeth Howell and Bill Harwood. The hosts will discuss transportation adventures during the solar eclipse and satellite views, among other topics. The show will begin at 4 p.m. EDT on the Spaceflight Now YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments in the world of space exploration.

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