Spring 2021 Review: Freshness, abundant irrigation following drought

Spring 2021 Review: Freshness, abundant irrigation following drought

By Cyril DuchessMeteorologist

The meteorological spring (March-April-May) ends on May 31. So it’s time to take a full weather report for the last three months. You can leave the rotten spring feeling given in this dark and cold month of May. However, April and May are characterized by dry and sunny climates, with colder and better mild seasons.

Years passed, not the same. Spring 2020 ranked second among the warmest springs in France with temperatures above + 1.7 C, this spring 2021 around -0.6. C was cold with a deficiency. We have to go back to spring 2013 to find a spring that is cooler than this year (-1.3 C). This year’s rainfall was in contrast to the dry March and April and the very wet May months. Rainfall deficit should be -20%. Finally, if sunlight was generous in March and April in relation to the dominance of high pressure conditions, it was -20% deficit in May due to the dominance of turbulent ocean currents.

Summer weather at the end of March

It was a qi-summer season that France enjoyed from March 29 to 31. Many temperatures have dropped to 29 ° C in Ortiz, 27.9 ° C in Vichy, 26.5 and C in Mulhouse and 24.1 C in Annecy. LHis capital also broke the record of March 25, 1955 Found in Montessori Park with 25.8 C. 31st is the hottest March day since 1900 The average maximum temperature in France is 24.1 C or 9.5 C higher than normal.

8 days from summer to winter

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One week after the warming of late March, northeastern gusts of ice spread over France from April 6 to 8. Monthly cold records are broken for three consecutive days, some over 70. This period of exceptional cold is the most severe in the last 30 years. It had a very short duration of 3 days, but it covered most areas.

Several monthly cold logs are broken, for example, -5.4 ° C in Salon-sur-Sun and Orleans, -6.3 and C in Chattanooga and -6.9 C in Beauvoir. Caused. By the end of March the plants had begun to ripen quickly, and during this period of severe frost most of the flowering fruit trees suffered great damage.

April is the driest month in the West

Rainfall deficit is -41% nationwide, ranking 11thTh 1959 is the dryest month of April. Drought mainly affected the west and southwest, with -70% in Bordeaux, -81% in Cognac, -87% in Nantes, -91% in Tours and even – 92% in Brest. Once upon a time, we noticed a very low total rainfall of only -1.2 millimeters on the island of Oceans!

Record rain on May 10th

The rain and storm disruption that affected the Middle East and Southeast of the country on May 10 was exceptionally severe. The area, which was disturbed by the air mass conflict between the hot, humid air coming from the Mediterranean and the much colder air coming from the Atlantic Ocean, remained stagnant for several hours. There was an abundance of rain on an axis going from the Sevens to Ion via Lyon, and to the northwest of Iser.

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We observed some complete records of overall rainfall in 24 hours: 103.6 mm in Fuji (Ain), 105.9 mm in Rhne, 116.9 mm in Reventin and 126.1 mm in Izre and 124.1 mm in Saint-Alban (Ain). Multi-month logs are broken especially at intervals of 59.8 mm (Hots-Alps), 73 mm in Saint-Etienne (Lower), 98 mm (01) in Amberio and 265 mm in Barnes (RTC).

This spring 2021 actually contrasts with the last 4 springs, which saw the temperature clearer than normal. Thanks to the month of May, it was a real respite from the drought of early spring.

For the rest, Our seasonal forecasts Slightly lower than normal rainfall, with a warmer summer with thundershowers mainly in the southwest / northeast axis.

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