1st female ISS program manager anticipates new spaceships and space stations

Dana Weigel Makes History as First Female International Space Station Program Manager

In a historic move, Dana Weigel has become the first woman to helm the International Space Station (ISS) program manager position. She officially took over the role on Sunday, April 7, succeeding Joel Montalbano. Weigel brings with her 20 years of experience in various high-profile roles at NASA and has been involved in various positions related to the ISS since 1994.

Weigel worked closely with Montalbano in management since 2021 and aims to continue his focus on international partner relationships. Leading a diverse team spanning across the globe, her focus is on coaching and mentoring newer generations. The ISS has already hosted 40 “dynamic operations” in 2023 and is expected to be involved in more activities in the coming years.

As the ISS has evolved into a commercial hub, hosting missions from SpaceX, Boeing Starliner, and Axiom Space, Weigel’s top priority is to ensure the safe execution of complex missions. The ISS will also play a crucial role in supporting the Artemis program to bring astronauts to the moon later in the decade.

With hundreds of commercial experiments conducted on board the ISS contributing to scientific research, the partnership is expected to last until 2030. Plans are in place for commercial space stations to take over research functions in the future, and Weigel is focused on coordinating a smooth transition to these commercial stations. She also aims to support private astronaut missions and commercial science missions in the coming years.

Overall, Weigel’s appointment marks a significant milestone in the space industry, as she leads the ISS program into a new era of exploration and commercial collaboration.

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