NASA shares the first audio recording of all time from Mars

NASA shares the first audio recording of all time from Mars

In recent weeks, NASA spacecraft Perseverance has been exploring the surface of Mars, searching for traces of the planet’s past life. On Wednesday, the mission shared the audio clip of the spacecraft’s journey across the Red Planet for the first time.

It is 90 seconds long Clip When, there is a lot of bustle and public noise. If this is the sound of a ship moving on the ground, there would be good reason for the driver to worry.

– If you hear these sounds while driving my car, I will stop and call the service, says Davy Cruel, one of the engineers responsible for this trip.

– But if you take a moment to think about what you’re actually asking for and where it was recorded, it really makes sense, he adds.

The Perseverance spacecraft has six wheels, making it the largest and most advanced spacecraft ever on Mars. The ship is equipped with two microphones and, among other things, records the wind blowing over the planet.

The audio recording coming from the drive also has indescribable, high frequency grinding. Engineers are working to figure out what this sound really is.

Before starting work on drilling into the rocks to return to Earth, the ship will be assisted by a Norwegian-controlled helicopter ingenuity. The helicopter will attempt to launch its first control aircraft on another planet in April.

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