In the weekly videoshot review: Images that make everyone happy

In the weekly videoshot review: Images that make everyone happy

The author of the video shot “When the balcony is full of ice – make a cocktail” shares a humorous recipe on how to make homemade ingredients and a fun and colorful cocktail from a few handfuls of ice. However, the taste of the cocktail does not seem very appealing, but the production process is really extraordinary.

See, see for yourself:

You will agree that sitting in a house during isolation can bring all sorts of differences from boredom. The DIY video you uploaded is no exception. Isolated exercises that tried to change an unwanted sweater according to the video shown ”Author. We promise the results will definitely be fun:

The video “Old, Catch the Shot”, which was a hit last week, received a lot of support from you and delighted many. Samsung Galaxy Butts Pro Wireless Headphones!

You may have already believed that creating funny videos is a lot of fun, and with the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Ultra it will be even easier to capture incredible moments and pictures. We have no doubt that the quality of the new phone will surprise more than one. Want to beat the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Ultra and try it out soon?

All you have to do is:


Share your fun, most interesting, most important or memorable video;

Invite everyone to vote for your video and each week we will select the winner of the weekly prize – the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headphones, and select the highest number of 21 video shots in the finals, one of which will be the winning main prize – the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Ultra Phone

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