Quick interpretation of the “déjà vu” feeling

Quick interpretation of the "déjà vu" feeling

When you entered this room, you were convinced that you had already arrived. You had the feeling of “déjà vu”. Not yet. This canal water created The human brain Common. According to scientists, this comes from a memory event. A simple classification may be from error. ” When a new short-term memory is accidentally stored in long-term memory, it feels like it already happened because ours Brain It tells us that it is an old memory », To explain Dr. Karan Raj. But this is only a theory.

In Study Recently, researchers have looked at a link between “dijo wu” perception and prediction, i.e. “in a situation”. Already seen », Participants thought they were correctly predicting the rest … and wrong. This idea is illusory, the teachers say. ” Meta cognitive bias “More interestingly, the volunteers continued this illusion and maintained it. Researchers speculate as to when. Feeling “déjà vu” continues, so Events The following are known, ” Familiarity is interpreted as a sign that a person has successfully predicted what is to come next .

Above all, this observation feeds another theory: ” The notion that memory itself is a future-oriented process “It would be a means – to a lesser extent – to predict Future In terms of the past.

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