Polarons were first seen

Cette illustration montre des polarons — des distorsions fugaces dans le réseau atomique d’un matériau — tels que ceux observés par des chercheurs du Laboratoire national de l’accélérateur SLAC (États-Unis) dans une pérovskite hybride au plomb. © Greg Stewart, Laboratoire national de l’accélérateur SLAC

For the first time, physicists were able to observe how poles form and form. The poles? These are rapid decays in the atomic lattice of an object and they appear to be parallel to the motions of the electrons. Decompositions that can explain the performance of perovskites as materials for solar cells.

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Around an electron Movement In a heart Subject, Most intermediate deformations develop – they persist Period Only at the rate of one trillion per second – in nuclear lattes. Polarity, as Physicists. These poles can affect the behavior of the object from which they appear. They are particularly suspected to be in the form of performance perovskite cells To changeEnergy The sun Electrical power.

This is why Researchers at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (USA) decided to mobilize a powerful laser X-rays In Electrons Free to observe and measure, for the first time, such polarity develops perovskites Hybrids Lead the way. This makes it possible to capture movements that occur in a billion to a second. They succeeded in determining the sizes and shapes of the poles in the Perovskite single crystals and in observing their evolution.

“When you hit an object with light [ici, un laser optique], Just like what happens in a solar cell, electrons are released and they start to move, Brock Kuselturk, researcher, a Communication. Quickly, they are surrounded by a kind of bubble of local distortion. “ Popular poles that can protect them from scattering Material defects, Helps them move more efficiently.

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Bigger poles than researchers thought

It is the flexible and smooth structure of the hybrid Perovskite network, which allows the poles to be formed and formed. Observations by researchers at the National Accelerator Laboratory SLAC These distortions reveal that they begin at the level of a few angstroms – the length of the rowSpacing between atoms In one Solid. They grow rapidly in all directions until they reach a diameter of about 5 billion meters.

This 50-fold increase in the amount of polarine grows to about ten layersAtoms Externally. A few dozen in all picosecondes. “These distortions reach bigger dimensions than we expected.”, Comments Stanford University Physicist Aaron Lindenberg.

There is still work to be done

Tests conducted by researchers at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory directly prove the presence of polarity. “But she has not yet explained how they contribute to the efficiency of the solar cell. There is still work to be done to understand how these processes are affected Material properties», The physicist concludes.

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