Best Microscope Images of the Year: Bat Skeletons, Snail Tongues and more

Best Microscope Images of the Year: Bat Skeletons, Snail Tongues and more
  • The Nikon is a small world Competitive highlights Excellent microscope images Taken every year.
  • This year, the competition received more than 2,000 entries from 90 countries.
  • The 2020 successful image of a young zebrafish twisted with neon-orange lymph nodes reveals that the species may help researchers find treatments for brain diseases.
  • Other winning films include the Rainbow Snail Tongue, the Curly Chameleon Embryo, and the intricate mesh of nylon stockings.
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If there is one thing we have learned from the corona virus infection, it is the very small, new respect.

But just as dangerous as the microcosm, it is full of stunning shapes, brilliant colors, and often mysterious biological and physical processes.

In that vein, Nikon has announced the winners of the Small World: Camera Company’s 46th microscope or microscope photography, competition.

Judges Dylan Burnett, Christophe Letterier, Samantha Clark, Sean Green and Ariel Waltman reviewed more than 2,000 entries from scientists, artists and entertainment enthusiasts from 90 countries around the world. Everything has to be taken through microscopes using optical imaging techniques. One of them is a rainbow snail tongue, a self-reflecting worm, and – suitable for the Halloween season – a scary-looking bad fetus skeleton.

Here are the best microscope pictures of the year and the things they show.

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