The government has issued a final warning to Twitter to appoint its representatives in India following the withdrawal of the blue badge certifying the Indian Vice President’s Twitter account.

[DIGITAL Business Africa] – In India, Union Electronics and Information Technology (MYO) The company sent a final confirmation to Twitter Inc. on June 5, 2021. Asked to follow India’s new rules regarding ICT and digital. In particular, the rules relating to information technologies (intermediate guidelines and protocols for digital media) were introduced this year 2021. These rules include social media, additional video streaming sites (OTT) and digital news publishers. Media.

So Twitter has received the final announcement to comply with these new IT rules, which require micro-blogging platform India to appoint compliance and grievance redressal officers. Otherwise, the company will face “consequences”.

« However, in a gesture of goodwill, Twitter Inc. Formalized in accordance with the rules immediately, which is an exemption from liability available under Section 79 of the Internet Technology Act. Failed. 2000 Information will be deleted and Twitter will be liable for its consequences under the Information Technology Act and other criminal laws of India », Rakesh Maheshwari, co-ordinator of MeitY’s cyber law team, warns in a letter to Twitter.

In fact, three months after the announcement of the new IT rules for social media intermediaries, Twitter has not appointed local managers for its web site. ” Based on this delayed approach of Twitter, it was decided to send a final and definite communication to Twitter asking them to comply immediately with these requirements, failing which the consequences provided by law will be followed. Rakesh Maheshwari added.

In fact, the formal announcement came the day after Twitter withdrew a blue badge from Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s Twitter account. Blue badge indicating that the account is certified and genuine. India would not have digested this misunderstanding of the micro-blogging site, which quickly recovered the blue badge indicating that the Vice President’s Twitter account had not been logged in for six months. Some considered it a violation of the Indian Constitution. Twitter recovered the badge a few hours later.

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According to the Indian government, Internet users in India who use the Twitter platform are demanding a fair mechanism to respond to their grievances and resolve their conflicts in real time. ” Users who have been abused or harassed or subjected to slander or social abuse on the platform or have fallen victim to many misleading content should get a relief mechanism put forward by Indians as part of a proper process Rakesh Maheshwari writes in a letter to his Twitter.

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