OpenAI is under the purview of the US antitrust authority

After being in the crosshairs of European personal data police, OpenAI is now the subject of an in-depth investigation by a leading US official. At the moment, the US competition authority, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is interested in SatGBT, an artificial intelligence tool. Washington BoseLast week D.

Daily quotes A document About twenty pages long, it lists several written requests the FTC sent to OpenAI, the publisher of ChatGPT. In the name of consumer protection, the FTC is concerned about misinformation (fake news) that ChatGPT may generate: it has received complaints from consumers about the information. “False, misleading, defamatory or harmful” on the people. According to the filing, the FTC is investigating whether the company engaged in unfair or deceptive practices that harmed the reputation of consumers.

The FTC’s requests for OpenAI are the first indication of how it intends to implement these warnings. If a company is found to be violating consumer protection laws, it can impose fines or subject a company to a consent decree, which can dictate how the company handles data.

The FTC has already imposed heavy fines on Meta, Amazon and Twitter for alleged violations of consumer protection laws.

Sam Altman ready to ‘collaborate’

In a tweet published on the evening of Thursday, July 13, Sam Altman, one of OpenAI’s co-founders, indicated that his company would do just that. “obviously” Cooperate with the FTC. “It’s very disappointing to see the FTC claim begin with a leak [dans la presse]It does not help build trust.” he tweeted. “Having said that, it’s very important to us [notre] We are confident that the technology is safe and consumer-friendly, and that we comply with the law.

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The publication comes in the context of Sam Altman establishing himself as one of the most influential personalities in the debates regarding the regulation of AIs being developed in a few months: he testified in the US Parliament and met with President Biden on the subject.

The FTC, for its part, is the first US regulator to take a stance on ChatGPT since the Europeans pointed out ChatGPT’s handling of personal data. A federal court rejected an attempt to block a deal to buy Microsoft Activision for $69 billion, the opening of an in-depth investigation revealed by the US press at a time when the antitrust authority suffered a major setback. – One of the largest M&A files it has positioned itself.

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