Nia Dacosta, MCU’s key new director, says Wandavision Star

Nia Dacosta, MCU's key new director, says Wandavision Star

Marvel Universe’s new rising star Diona Paris has not hidden her admiration for her friend director Nia Dacosta.

Appreciated at the Tribeca Independence Film Festival 2019 (for Little Woods), Director Nia Dacosta soon found a place in the big blockbusters. First, he did the remake Candy man, A horror film produced by Jordan Peale’s production company, Mangipav. The film was originally scheduled to release in early summer 2020: it will eventually be seen in theaters August 27, 2021.

Another universe, another victory for Nia Dacosta: she will soon realize The Marvels, Follows Captain Marvel To the MCU. On display, there will be Diona Paris (Monica Rambo in the Marvel Universe) we saw Vandavision A few weeks ago and this is one of the main characters Candy man.

Photo, Diona ParisDiona Paris in Nia Dacosta’s Candyman

During an interview with the US site Conflict, Diona Paris said all the good things she thought about her new favorite director:

“I have a feeling she gets a lot of importance in asking our opinion on who this character is and what story we want to tell … most of the time, when I say to her ‘I was thinking about it’, she is already thinking about herself and how she does it. She is already working.I want her to always be one step ahead and I am good in her company.He is always good to me.The points of the story and the evolution of the characters.

[Et puis], I like the way things look. I love his visual sensitivity. She was so smart … I was so glad I was able to work with her in the first place, when I found out about The Marvels … it was historically special! She goes down in history! “

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Photo, Diona ParisDiona Paris: MCU’s new black icon?

The Nia Dacosta selection to take charge from Anna Botan and Ryan Fleck effectively sold out as a historic breakthrough in the Marvel Universe: Dacosta was the first African-American woman to direct the MCU film. He is a descendant of Ryan Kugler (Black leopard) And Chloe Zhao (Director Eternities, Nominated for an Oscar Nomlandland), Two talented directors, who have been taken to the skies in Hollywood for representational issues.

Anger Vandavision, And Candy man, Diona Paris soon to star in science fiction comedy John Boyce and Jamie Foxx They cloned Tyrone. He will be working again with Nia Dacosta The Marvels, Its shooting is set to begin in early June in Los Angeles. In France, the film is to be released November 9, 2022.

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