‘Civil War’ Unites Audiences from Red and Blue States

Alex Garland’s highly anticipated dystopian film, Civil War, made waves across politically divided states when it premiered in theaters from April 12-14. The film, which aimed to avoid glorifying any specific political party, surprisingly attracted equal numbers of conservative and liberal viewers, with 50 percent identifying as each.

Initial predictions were exceeded when Civil War opened to an impressive $25.7 million, setting a new record for A24 as their biggest hit to date. Detailed polling data revealed that the film had a liberal skew in certain markets, while over-indexing in others that leaned conservative.

One interesting trend was the significant portion of military “adjacent” viewers in cities such as Denver, Kansas City, and Phoenix. The film’s subject matter, along with its action sequences and appeal as an indie film, were cited as the top draws for viewers.

With a demographic skewing towards younger audiences, as 57 percent of viewers fell between ages 18 and 34, Civil War follows a wartime photojournalist and her colleagues as they navigate a divided America and the secessionists known as The Western Front.

Despite receiving a B- CinemaScore, the film sparked discussions and played well in major markets such as Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas. A24’s effort to create a film that resonated with audiences of all political beliefs seems to have paid off, with Civil War successfully appealing to viewers across the political spectrum.

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