Tiger King: Carol Baskin has refused to take part in Season 2

Tiger King: Carol Baskin has refused to take part in Season 2

The audience success during the first imprisonment may have been a season 2 for the documentary series “In the Kingdom of the Wild” (originally “Tiger King”). But it would be without Carol Baskin.

Shelter owner Big cat rescue Revealed to the US site Page six Rejected the proposal of the makers of the documentary series to participate in the second season. “I asked them to lose my number,” explains Carol Baskin. I have to say she has no good memories of her first exchanges with them. The latter would have really assured him that this would be the main theme of Season 1 and that he would fight for the safety of the cats at the center of the series.

Until the Netflix broadcast, Carol Baskin realized that this was not the case. But in addition, the documentary reported that Carol Baskin had killed her first husband, Don Lewis, and removed the body by feeding it to the Tigers. The accusations he always denied. However, he did not suffer much persecution from the audience who believed in his crime.

“For the first three months, my phone kept ringing and people were looking at me and screaming nonsense. Before it was quiet. I didn’t take it personally, but it affected my husband and daughter the most. When someone we love experiences something like this, we have to protect them, ”explains Carol Baskin.

For her, the context of epidemiology and control played a major role in the success of the documentary series, in which editing and the information contained therein were not always ashamed of the truth. “If it aired now, it would be a completely different experience. The editing was biased and highlighted the lies. But I don’t think it would have caused so much curiosity and resentment on the part of some who suffered from fear of what might happen at that precise moment in their lives,” Carol Baskin continues.

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