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Published Presented by Aurelian Pagot April 30, 2021

It is no doubt possible that two stars with such possessions are waiting in their wardrobe, Godzilla V.S. Kong is not waiting for theaters to reopen in France, on DVD on VOD. A pure monster image, almost primitive, has the honesty to reveal its scene to you from the title.

We declare Godzilla against King Kong, and that will be for you, because to our greatest delight, a good portion of this amazing blockbuster features a fight between the most famous and most massive American cinema monster in Japanese Kaiju.

The purpose of simplicity and efficiency Director Adam Wingard. This is the last, Straight from independent horror cinema, Is driven by the restrictions of a tremendous family hobby, but treats it with the same enthusiasm and honesty. As he described on the microphone of our special correspondent at Hollywood Didier Alloch, this honesty can be elevated or almost explained as monster images from the director’s childhood and bottle.

“When I was a boy I was able to rediscover how these pictures fascinated me. Today’s kids love this as much as I did. I wanted it to be the ultimate monster movie. This is Godzilla Vs Kong, which should be the biggest movie of all time. “

We share some of the director’s enthusiasm, so much so Battle scenes between two creatures are titanic and fun at the same time!

The set for the actors was also fun, they often had to act and act… nothing, because the interactions with the monsters were included in the later productions. Unstoppable situation Actress Rebecca Hall, Christopher Nolan, Ben Affleck or Woody Allen (other Hollywood Titans ிறார்கள்) are very happy to go to a land not seen. On Didier Alluch’s microphone he created:

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“It was a lot of fun. I believe life is flexible. We rarely have it in an actor’s life.”

All you have to do is select your page, Team Kong or Team Godzilla, Didier Alloch, the actress who plays Kong’s defense scientist in the film, knows that the selection has already been made …

“Kong appeals to everyone. He was always compassionate. He has visible emotions and he always finds himself in love stories. Also, in addition to this he does not fall for the woman who is in distress. This kind of story is a little over and we don’t like it anymore. There, he befriends a little girl who communicates differently because he is deaf. This gives us a good start! “

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