American soldiers betrayed with their smartphones

American soldiers betrayed with their smartphones

US troops can be located on Earth using data from serving soldiers’ phones, collected and sold by various companies The Wall Street Journal In a lengthy trial. A lack of security in the military is of great concern to US officials.

“How to protect members of the military, intelligence services and security forces in these times when business information produced by cell phones and other digital services is complete and available for purchase to any adversary in the world.”? ” According to, the challenge is huge The Wall Street Journal, Who inquired into the matter.

The Conservative American newspaper discovered in 2016 that a company called Planet Risk Inc. could track operating players. At the time, this military subcontractor was working on an application to find out the route of refugees leaving Syria.

Tracks from Texas to Syria

But the computer tool, aimed at US intelligence, also helped detect the movements of U.S. troops using data obtained from military smartphones.

Analysts at the company were able to see the laptops coming from the facility



This is the Bible of the business community. But must be handled with care: on the one hand, high-quality studies and reports; Editorial pages, on the other hand, are very discriminating and often fall into bad faith


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