A major update to the “Radeon software adrenaline” game stream function can be used on a computer

A major update to the "Radeon software adrenaline" game stream function can be used on a computer

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April 20, North American time, AMD Radeon announces driver software for GPU and APU.Radeon Software Adrenaline 21.4.1(Henceforth, adrenaline 21.4.1) Released.
Radeon software was formerly known as the “2020 version of Radeon software adrenaline”. However, from this version, the phrase “2020 version” indicating the release year was omitted and the name was simply changed to “Radeon software adrenaline”. The regular name seemed a little unnecessary, so having a simple name is desirable.

Adrenaline 21.4.1 is a major update with new features, but fewer new features than previous major updates. However, there are some new features to look out for, so let’s introduce them briefly.

Windows client functionality and connectivity game functionality were added to the AMD connection

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Key new feature of adrenaline 21.4.1 “AMD Connect 4.0“.
To consider,AMD connectionThis function allows you to play PC games on a network-connected smartphone or tablet using a server-mounted computer with the Radeon series. Until now, AMD Link’s client apps were only for Android and iOS, but with adrenaline 21.4.1, the Windows version of the client app was included.

At the time of writing, the Windows version of the client application is integrated with the Radeon software, so it can only be used on PCs with the Radeon series. In other words, you can not play PC game on desktop machine using AMD connection on mobile notebook computer equipped with Intel CPU without GPU.

Click the “Open AMD Connection for Windows” button at the top right of the Device tab (inside the red frame) to launch the Windows version of the AMD Connect client application.
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There are two ways to connect to a PC that is a server: “Connect manually”, which connects by entering the IP address of the AMD connection server, and then the “Connect game” described.

AMD Connect Client for Windows
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The PC version of the client app is similar to the AMD Connect app for Android and iOS. If you click on the game or application icon displayed on the application screen, it starts on the server page and you can play on the network.

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The AMD connection is connected to the server. Icons of games and apps are lined up. If you click “Start streaming”, you can remotely access the Windows desktop on the server page.
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Another new feature is the “Connection Game”. This is a feature that allows players to play multiplayer games remotely connected via AMD connection.
At the time of this writing, the only AMD Connect client that supports the Connect game feature is the Windows version, which comes with Adrenaline 21.4.1, which has been distributed to critics, but probably after the official release of Adrenaline 21.4.1, the Android version. The iOS version will also be updated to support connectivity game functionality.

To use the Cam Connect function, first click the “Connect Game” button on the left side of the device tab on the AMD Connect server page. Then a 9-character link token will be displayed.
If you enter and connect this token on the client page, a second game pad will be installed on the server page so that both client side and server side players can enjoy multiplayer games.

Connection token (left). Click the Connect game button at the top of the Windows version client to switch to the token input screen (right). If you enter the 9-character token here, you can connect to the Connect game
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In other words, the AMD connection allows you to play multiplayer games using your tablet or smartphone as a game, even if you do not have two games.
An AMD connection can be made over the Internet if the home broadband router is set up correctly. As a result, AMD explained, “You can play multiplayer games with players from a distance.”

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The above are the new features of AMD Connect 4.0, but unfortunately the Windows client can only be used on machines equipped with Radeon GPU / APU. Recently, the number of notebook PCs equipped with Raison Mobile has increased, so users of such notebook PCs can enjoy PC games on desktop computers using the AMD connection.
However, in principle, the Radeon series is not required on the GPU client page, so I would expect the AMD Connect client application to be offered as an independent Windows application.

Performance indicator supports display Raison processor

The index (metric) that can be displayed on the performance tab of the Radeon software is now compatible with the Raison processor. If you are a Raison user, you can check the CPU status in real time and on the GPU.

Raison users can now check and record the CPU status on the Matrix tab and overlay
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Introduced the setup wizard for “Recording and Streaming”

In adrenaline 21.4.1, the user interface has been greatly improved. For example, the “Games” tab (Game Center) is traditionally organized, making it easier to go to profiles for each game title.

The game tab is easier to understand than ever before, and is easier to switch to each profile.
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In addition, the “Recording and Streaming” tab has a more organized display and is easier to handle than before.

The recording and stream tab display is cleaner than ever
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In addition, a new system wizard has been introduced. When you first start the Record and Stream tab, you can start the Setup Wizard from the icon in the top right and easily set the recording / streaming quality. I think it is much easier to set up than before.

The Settings Wizard now launches the Recording and Streams tab or icon in the upper right corner for the first time.
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Introduced additional installation options

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With adrenaline 21.4.1, you can now specify three additional options during installation: “full install”, “minimal installation” and “driver only”.
The functions installed by each option are as follows.

Table Adrenaline 21.4.1 Installation Options and Features Installed When Selected
Full installation Minimal installation Driver only
Display drive
Error reporting tool,Disability Defender
Radeon SmoothWarehouse UI
Graphics,Video Settings tab
Game Center tab, Game Stats function
Capture,Streaming function
PerformanceTuning function
AMD connection

Radeon software has also become multifunctional and large-scale. This can be useful for reducing the need for “minimal installation” or “driver only” installation.

Adrenaline 21.4.1 also added color enhancement functionality for the Radeon RX6000 series gameplay. Unfortunately, I do not have the Radeon RX6000 series, so I can not try it, but I can use the slider to adjust the color of the game image.
AMD also claims that Microsoft’s content protection function “Flaredi DRM” is now compatible with the AV1 codec at the hardware level.

As mentioned earlier, Adrenaline 21.4.1 is a minor update compared to major updates of the past. On the other hand, it can be said that Radeon software has recently introduced error reporting tools, stress testing functions, frame rate target functions, and many new functions including the contents of this update.
When a large number of functions were added by the routine of “providing a major update once a year”, several problems occurred each time, and sometimes it took half a year to fix the problem. AMD has not disclosed its outlook, so this is only my guess, but may take action to add new features from time to time.

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