Minority Report on Prime Video: The film was a sequel to the Schwarzenegger success

Minority Report on Prime Video: The film was a sequel to the Schwarzenegger success

“Minority Report” is one of the best science fiction movies of the 2000s. It must have been a sequel to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biggest box released 10 years ago.

Minority Report : Spielberg brings back his science

Minority Report 2002 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg. Fan of the American genre and presented two of the best classic genres of the genre: The third type of encounter And And extraterrestrial. After a gap of almost 20 years, he returned to it under the leadership of Stanley Kubrick AI Artificial Intelligence. Returning to the future made him want to stay a little longer.

Minority Report
Minority Report © Umblin Entertainment

In Minority Report, The story really makes it possible to predict the future, in 2054, with a new system. At trial in Washington, Crimes undermine the government system, the pre-crime. Three Mutant Men, Prefaces The gift of predicting future crimes. Two engraved balls appear from the heart of a complex machine: one with the victim’s name and the other with his killer. Through this process, the division led by John Anderson (Tom Cruise) The perpetrators can be arrested before the mistake they make.

Considering the effectiveness of the organization, extending it to the whole country is under discussion. Nevertheless, Anderton finds himself in a situation where he cannot understand himself. A ball with his name on it will appear on the machine as a killer. His victim? He was the one who had never heard that he would be killed in 36 hours. The police are fleeing with the firm intention of defending his innocence, which will prove that the predictions are not false.

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The cast is strong with Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Max van Sido, Lois Smith, Peter Stormer, Tim Blake Nelson, Steve Harris, Katherine Morris and Neil McDonough.

Picture A dazzling hit with its devil and amazing storyline. Yet he was given another rule.

Are we going to Mars?

Minority Report, Is crazy, as it were Philip K. Adapted from a short story written by Dick . The American writer is one of the darlings of science fiction cinema and many of his works have been adapted to the big screen. Company In Blade Runner Passes Cheque Or A scanner is dark. Another successful film is based on one of his short stories: Total memory Presented by Paul Verhoeven. The film was released in 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger And Sharon Stone Special. Produced for 10 million, it brings in more than 230. So the idea of ​​a sequel is in the pipeline.

Doug Coyote (Arnold Schwarzenegger) - Total Memoir
Doug Coyote (Arnold Schwarzenegger) – Total memory © Carolco Pictures

Track Philip K. Dick looks a good nerve, and then the producers explore his works for inspiration. They fall Minority Report Hire screenwriters Ronald Schuset, Gary Goldman and Robert Cothals. I have to say that there is a lot of work to do that has nothing in common with the two stories. Anyway, John Anderson’s character to be replaced by Douglas Coyote, played by Schwarzenegger Total memory. The story should take place on Mars as well. So we get Origin of the Precox, which became mutated due to the Martian atmosphere.

Eventually, while reading the news about the Tom Cruise set, the project disintegrated and reappeared Ice White Shut. He talks to Steven Spielberg about it. The director is interested, and then the screenplay Q. Discover the earthy taste of Dick’s original work.

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Minority Report
Minority Report © Umblin Entertainment

Minority Report Available in streaming Prime Video.

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