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"Diablo II: Rebirth from Hell" Development Team Interview: More Details in Subsequent Chapters |  Sports |  New Head Shell Newtalk

“Diablo II: Rebirth Hell Fire” completed its technical beta test last weekend, and players who qualify for the test can once again immerse themselves in this classic Blizzard ARPG game.Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

“Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” completed its technical test last weekend. Trial-qualified players can once again immerse themselves in this blizzard classic ARPG game. The compliment was as high as the image quality, the layout map was very elegant, and Diablo was not lost. The second classic taste, but there are some bugs, which means that the character will not become obvious, but will be blocked behind the building, and even players have created obstacles to copy. Regarding this good and bad, the development team today said the game is still nearing completion and the ones that need to be removed will be removed. As for some bugs that are biased towards “features” like AI features, they are persistent.

Blizzard Entertainment today arranged for a joint interview with Taiwanese and Hong Kong media with game producer Matthew Ciderkist and game designer Andre Abrahamian on “Diablo II: Rebirth Hell Fire” and discussed ideas for a number of technical experiments and development activities.

What the players feel most about in the technical test is definitely the elegance of the film quality. Given that the remake’s art style is 73 percent, 70% reproducible, and the other 30% will be in the game story, the writing richness and emotional presentation are even deeper. Players can see from the first two chapters that the environment is a combination of two things and is very delicate; If you have the chance to play the third chapter, the high-density plants of Krastin and the special sounds of the forest will be given in more detail in Chapter 5, where the horocus, the snow scene and the sound of the snow blowing are noticeable.

Game designer Andre Abrahamian.Picture: Sen Yasong / Photo

Game designer Andre Abrahamian.Picture: Sen Yasong / Photo

The technical test is now over. Automatic withdrawal of gold coins is one that has been well received by players. Andre Abrahamian said the team’s biggest policy is to make sure the player’s playing experience is as close to the original as possible. . Picking up is about making changes more convenient for players; But I do not want many changes to simplify the game like “storage box”. This is a compromise that players have come up with because in the past players already thought to open the “trumpet” as a warehouse. We will not make too many changes, “Since this is something the player will do, we will help a little, so we can share some storage boxes.”

For the new version, the information will be redesigned. Players can see the characteristics of the character list. There will be an advanced skill table so that players can understand the data behind it more clearly. This will make it easier for players to view relevant information in the new version, even if it was originally in the game.

Andre Abrahamian said:

Andre Abrahamian said: “A lot of the players really gave a very positive view, at least to give the team confidence that the direction of the remake is right, which gives us a lot of confidence.” Photo: Blizzard provided entertainment

“A lot of the players gave a really very positive view. At least it gives the team confidence that the remake is in the right direction. It gives us a lot of confidence.” Andre Abrahamian said that many players prefer to switch between the original screen and the contemporary screen, and the screen zoom-in and zoom function. At the same time, some players said the game login or change time was long, but said the game was still being prepared and the team would gather feedback from players at any time, hoping to see it on the next channels. The changes they made.

Speaking of BUG issues, the Diablo Dio team said that people will be blocked behind the wall and use the item copy function maliciously. These issues will definitely be improved; But there are some “bugs that need to be changed”, and some monsters have “weird” AI. This is weird. Instead of considering this as a mistake, it is better to say that monsters have such characteristics first, so players should make good use of it without changing it.

Diablo Dio's feature is the use of a controller to play with. Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo Dio’s feature is the use of a controller to play with. Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Another player that is well known is the “controller handle”. This innovative idea has also successfully won the support of console players. Andre Abrahamian pointed out that it is very clear that “Diablo II” never supported joysticks, it does the design and the team has plenty of room to design, and let this redesigned creation have a better host experience.

Nonetheless, Diablo II is a computer game, with many interface functions and combat designs such as moving objects, synthetics, belt potion supplements and spell-designing skills that are not smooth on the handle. Such as witches. Fire wall, teleportation etc. In this regard, the development team stated that the design of the joystick function is to balance the original Diablo II game mode with the feature provided by the joystick. The current phone is actually handled at a constant distance, and the magic fireball direction, but the joystick club interface is still being adjusted, some changes have been made or not enough.

Matthew Ciderkist, who spoke about the next phase of the multiplayer test, said the team currently follows a step-by-step approach, meaning that every step is done correctly, not acting too hastily, and still trying to gather feedback from players on the technical test. No news about multiplayer mode. In addition, the 27-minute animated remake was officially announced a few days ago, although it was not seen during the technical testing phase, but the development team said the game will be launched before players can see the newly produced animation. “I can guarantee the animation should be so awesome.”

Gamemaker Matthew Ciderkist.Picture: Sen Yazong / Photo

Gamemaker Matthew Ciderkist.Picture: Sen Yazong / Photo

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