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Get ready to cool down on Dragon Spine - PlayStation.  Blog

Hello, passengers! Jenshin Impact’s Dev team is eager to share with you some of the early Intel on Dragon Spine, which is our first new map coming into the game on December 23rd. Dragonspine is a frozen mountain range south of Montstat, some of which do not dare to set foot in. To help travelers with this new experience, we have put together some tips that you may want to take note of.

All travelers can explore new creatures, mysteries, treasures and the brand new high-speed environment full of dangers to discover. Whether you choose to explore the area with Montstad’s genius alchemist, Albedo, during the upcoming seasonal event, explore the mountains yourself, discover every inch of the mountains and the secrets they hold, or develop your survival skills in this beautiful but brutal environment, something every brave explorer will need Dragon Spine.

A view of this world

Covered with snow throughout the year, Dragon Spine sits in a constant cold and dark state – in stark contrast to other environments throughout Montstad and Liu.

The dragonfly stands like a frozen castle, invaluable for the survival of most species. However, some more unique and miraculous species are found here. Hillstones that have survived on the mountains have shaped their looks and lives with a brutal environment.

But on closer inspection, the creatures that now live here do not appear to be the first inhabitants of this mysterious landscape. Traces of a lost ancient civilization are buried and waiting to be found.

Escape from extreme cold

Nothing is easy at high altitudes and very low temperatures. Before focusing on loot and treasure, all travelers in Dragon Spine must first try to survive. In addition to your HP and endurance, you need to pay more attention to the sheer cold when fighting, exploring or staying still.

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Once you enter the Dragonspine area a sheer cool menu will appear above your HP bar. Sheer cold will increase if you expose it to cold without any heat source, and you will start to lose your health when the menu is full. If you do not have a little warmth to prevent pure cold, it will eventually lead to your death.

Therefore, the constant search for a heat source quickly becomes your primary task as you travel through this icy terrain. Way points, light torch and cooking pots and even the seal on the dragonfly can act as heat sources on your way. You can also mine scarlet quartz, a common invention in Dragon Spine, to temporarily combat sheer cold. Also, as you progress further in Dragon Spine, you can open a new recipe to design a temporary small heat source. Remember: Only with enough heat can you continue your adventure in Dragon Spine!

Discover the secrets beneath the ice

Try and there is no profit. Despite the hospitality and the danger of lurking in every corner, Dragonspine offers generous rewards for those who manage to explore the mountain deeply and capture its highest peak.

To reach the top of the Dragon Spine, travelers must first cover the strange wind currents that block the path. Meanwhile, buried deep in the mountains are only stone tablets, tablets and monuments that tell the story of a long-lost ancient civilization, its glory and fall. The most curious and observant traveler can trigger a series of hidden quests, unite clues, uncover the hidden truth, and even seek out the new 4-star clay Snow-Tomb Stars.

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This mountain has some of the finest materials, minerals, recipes, artefacts and weapons not found anywhere else, some of which are sure to come in handy. For example, travelers can roughly see some of the dragon’s teeth, which are counterfeit in Dragon Spine Spears by an armed artist in the camp at the foot.

While exploring the Dragon Spine, travelers can also find some small fragments of an object called the Crimson Agate. Collect them and give them to the Frostbearing Tree to ask for useful rewards in war and research, including recipes for a small heat-warming bottle and recipes for the new 4-star catalyst Frostbear.

Wonderful seasonal event

The upcoming winter event “The Sock Prince and the Dragon” will be set in the new Dragonspine area. Adventure Rankings All travelers of 20 or more can participate in this new event.

In the story of the event, you will help the new 5 star character Albedo, the chief alchemist and captain of the Knights of Favonius’ investigation team in Montstad to investigate a mysterious, powerful sword called Dragonspine and Fostering Desire. Travelers who complete storytelling quests can keep and use the festooning desire in their future adventures. By completing additional event tasks and retrieving related items from the event store, players can elevate the festing desire to its maximum level of refinement!

We hope these tips will help you as you embark on your adventures in Dragon Spine! There is still a lot going on in version 1.2, and we do not want to spoil all the surprises. Still interested in learning more? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Jenshi’s attack forums.

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May you survive and thrive in the winter in Dragon Spine!

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