Cooperative RTS Gullaheem will be launched in early access in October

Cooperative RTS Gullaheem will be launched in early access in October

PineLife Studios today announced an initial access date of October 22nd Kullahim, The intriguing co-op RDS in which players play different roles. You want the person in charge of your army, naturally, you need a city to support that army, but how do you build a city without miners? The division of labor is the answer, dividing the tasks across the players who have to work together if they want to work on anything in this project. You can try it yourself in the new multiplayer demo as part of the PAX X EGX, Great virtual game event starting today.

Today a new trailer shows the modes of dwarf heme:

Our Nate Cullenheim was taken aback at first sight, in particular After he played it With some developers.

“An underworld warrior who does agriculture, logging and infrastructure building, an underworld warrior who mines ores and processes them into resources via a kind of factorio-light production line mechanic, and an army warrior who protects both soldiers, and attacks enemies,” Nate June Month explained.

“I found out that this idea could really be a fox star if pulled, and … that’s right! Earlier this week I played a few sessions with the Dev team and was impressed with how different each character played and what more to do in each to keep someone, but The very electric-nerve ABM Prabhu is fully occupied and, as I believe, had a really satisfying metacam about arguing with your teammates about who used all the wood, when the steel was ready, and so on. ”

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You can try it yourself as it is available with a dwarf demo Combines publishers’ virtual PAX X EGX booth games from today. This is the first public demo with PvE Survival mode where you and two friends must be against waves of endless enemies.

As part of the PAX X EGX, Nate will play with the developers again on Sunday the 20th – this time In the stream for everyone to see.

Kullaheem is coming Steam for initial access Completely launched and completed in the summer of October 2021, on October 22nd. Neatly, a ‘Friend-Boss’ feature Allows you to invite friends who have not purchased the game to play with you.

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