Aster Community (“Review”): Be quiet! Silent Loop 2 360mm Im Lessertest

Aster Community (
Picture: Community Member “Balcony 6886”

A quiet comprehensive reader test on all-in-one water cooling comes from the community! Silent Loop 2 with 360mm radiator, which has to deal with both Gen 3 and Comet Lake-S and has proven itself in a total of three test modes. The review is adorned with videos and posts.

Stay tuned for his extensive reader article! CB User Tests Silent Loop 2, Community Member “Falcony 6886” Tests New All In One Water Cooling To Be Quiet! Keep their pace and get readers from the computerpace forum in the mood for the following product test.

The test sample was made for the reader test by being quiet! At the disposal of the tester after the test.

First, I want to use this opportunity to stay calm! Thanks for the test sample and friendly contact provided!

The test sample will be with me after testing, but the manufacturer did not provide any specifications for this review.

Balcony 6886, community member

In order to get the most meaningful judgment about being quiet! To bring down Silent Loop 2, the computerbase reader explored all-in-one water cooling with a total of three different test methods.

Three test systems for reader testing

Further details on the three test modes based on AMD Raison 9 5950X (tested) and Intel Core i5-10600K and i9-10900K (tested) can be found directly in the forum post.

  • Reader’s article: [Review] Be quiet! Silent Loop 2 im CB-User-Test
Be quiet!  Silent Loop2
Be quiet! Silent Loop 2 (Built: Community-Midgilt “Falcony 6886”)
Be quiet!  Silent Loop2
Be quiet! Silent Loop 2 (Built: Community-Midgilt “Falcony 6886”)

In addition to assembly, temperature and volume, the computerpace reader reads the fan and pump controls and RGB lights in detail and records them on video.

Questions and suggestions and compliments and reviews about the reader’s article in this news and comments in the forum are as openly welcomed as ever.

Bring clues!

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