Do not buy our game, developers are asking their fans or Vortex

Do not buy our game, developers are asking their fans or Vortex

The protracted and unpleasant controversy continues between developers from the Ukrainian studio Fragware and the French publisher Nagon. Sports The sinking city, Which is the subject of controversy, returned Steam, But the authors advise players not to buy it. Accordingly, they claim that they are not the authors of the version that appeared on Steam on Friday, with the proviso that they will share additional information soon.

Fragware is listed directly on the Steam profile, and the release date is February 26, 2021, although this game was first released in June 2019 and accidentally received an updated PS5 version last week. The title is now on sale at Steam with a 60% discount for 16 euros. Ironically, a warning message from Fragware appeared directly in the game’s community center, before it was removed.

With Czech, but without DLC

Of course, the official website of the developers did not subscribe to the version of Steam, on the other hand, is behind the version available on the team portal Games Planet. However, it does not seem to have a Czech, while there is a steam version. The title usually sells for less than $ 50 on Games Planet. He now has a 15 percent discount on less than 43 percent.

Players on Steam claim that the publisher version is out of date, has no achievements, and does not provide DLC and cloud storage. Nagan faces considerable criticism here. Fans loyal to Fragware are attacking the publisher, saying there is no one to buy the game and the developers will definitely not get a share in the sales. Most of them point out that they do not evaluate the game.

The title was marked by a series of conflicts between Fragware and Nagon. The city sinking from the steam for the first time Disappeared in August With other sites last year. And then both sides Charged From non-compliance with contracts and fraud. Nagan began returning to digital distribution on various platforms in January, but the court battle continues. However, the Paris court had a preliminary ruling Point Fragvers are not to violate the terms of the agreement with Nagan and refrain from further action affecting the contract until the dispute is resolved.

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It was on the basis of this move that the publisher opened the door for The Singing City to return to distribution on certain platforms. However, before the release of the Nagan version, Fragware tried to release their own version on Steam in January. However, it was only available for a short time, and it was soon withdrawn from sale.

According to them, the French company also sought to acquire the brand rights of the Ukrainian studio.

For a change, the developers have since charged publishers with development money and a commission of one million euros. According to them, the French company also sought to acquire the brand rights of the Ukrainian studio. Both sides, of course, declare with confidence that the law is on their side and that they are victims.

The media has been trying to get more detailed reports from Fragware and Nakan since Saturday, but so far to no avail. Distribution channels that sell the game are also indirectly involved in the controversy. In this case, especially the valve and their steam, according to the developers, sells an unauthorized version.

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