According to a collaborator from Elon Musk, that will soon be a fact


American film Jurassic Park who Has made more than one dream come true and tells the story of a park with the most daring entrepreneurs Dinosaurs. According to Max Hotak, It is possible from here to recreate such a park 15 years old.

Jurassic-Park-A-Future-True-According to Elon-Kasturi

Re-create Jurassic Park Resurrecting real and dinosaurs sounds crazy! Still, Max Hotak This is very achievable these days. This co-founder Neuralink, A Brain Implant Company Movement Elon Musk, Said it Twitter April 4. The Vision Thus Advances in science Reach its edges. However, he already recognized a dinosaur Cloning What is being done to expand the park will not really be the same Original species.

Very unexpected statement

Max Hotak A enterprenuer And one Technologist. In 2016, he founded Neuralink WithElon Musk, The Founder of SpaceX And Tesla. Neuralink is no one else Technology. She is very famous to her Brain implants. The purpose of this invention is to improve Memory, But solve some problems like paraplegia.

Like Elon Musk, Max Hotak seems to have a particular preferenceEcology And this Excess.

“Biodiversity (resistance to weakness) is certainly valuable; Security is important and logical. But why stop there? Why shouldn’t we deliberately try to create new diversity? “

Max Hotak

Sunday 4 Avril, The Co-founder of Neuralink Said he could bring it back Dinosaurs In our era.

“We can create Jurassic Park if we want”

Max Hotak

Steven Spielberg This seems to have posed a new challenge Elon Musk And his Collaborators With his work: Jurassic Park. This masterpiece speaks of a park Dinosaurs, A species that has been extinct for millions of years. Today, this famous entrepreneur wants to make this film a True.

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Max Hodgkin’s statement is controversial

Faced the latest announcement of Co De Elon Musk, CNET Contact in a post Recreate the real dinosaur Simply impossible. In contrast to the film, TheGenetic information These creatures could not pass millions of years.

Unlike what we see in the picture, not even a mosquito trapped in amber could deliver it. CNET Despite the technological and technological advancement of mankind, this project failed.

However, CNET Presented another challenge Max Hotak. According to him, the use of this scheme Mammat That would be a great idea. First, because we can still sortADN Of this large mammal. Recently, humanity has discovered Massive teeth They were intact, and scientists were able to extract DNA from them. It is therefore possible to reproduce this species by implantationThe current elephant.

Finally, step CNET, The creation of a park Dinosaurs Presents risks. In fact, in practice, a மாமத் More harmless than one Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Hotak The idea shared by NCET cannot be found in one of its posts. However, contrary to criticism, he will continue in a different and original way.

“They are not genetically real dinosaurs, but. 15 years of breeding + engineering to get some new super exotic species. ”

Max Hotak

Next Dinosaur generation Can be worn well MarkElon Musk.

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