Trucastel. Shooting of Rainbirds on Reno Island

Trucastel.  Shooting of Rainbirds on Reno Island

“A shooting on Reno Island?” This is the best system! Then, good luck with their weekend beautiful weather! “ In Trucastel (Coates-de Armor), Sunday walkers could not help but think that even the weather was not conducive to shooting if they looked at the cameras in the clouds. Saturday, then the rising tide was spoiled. On Sunday, the sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds disturbing the film crew.

A self-taught director

The director of the short film is Ariel Neo Rain birds, Will she rain? “Mixed weather like Monday is best. But when you shoot in nature, you have to adapt to the obstacles! “ However, the exterior is a playground that an artist, first and foremost a painter would like. “I first put my biggest shaped canvases in nature and I took pictures. Little by little, I integrated the creation of images into my overall artistic approach. Three For three years now, he has been producing short films about the environment observed at film festivals.

Photo by Ariel Neo, director of

Ariel Neo, director of “Rain Birds”. © Oyster-France

This time, the director has chosen to deal with a very personal matter, grief. “I want to help those who have lost a loved one”, He breathes life into the young woman by provoking her grandfather to leave last August. Scenes filmed on Reno Island will be placed at the end of the film, “When we release the person we lost, they symbolize a return to life.”

Parrots, cuckoos and trained pigeons

For three days, dancer Disco, the main character Rain birds, So the red parrots, a cuckoo, evolved between the rocks of the renot in the company of white and gray pigeons. The two birds and their guards, along with the film crew, were chosen as advertisers by Yuen Gilbert’s birds, sometimes to the delight of passersby.

Photo Reuse Finding the right light in the rocky mess of the island is not easy.  © West-France

Finding the right light in the clutter of Reno Island is not easy. © Oyster-France

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After Trucastel, the team at Croissant, then at Lorient, “To the dark part of the story”. An underwater scene with cormorants is also planned in the pool. Then comes music creation in the company of professional musicians.

A spread across the Atlantic

Later broadcast, in September and October, but not in the surrounding dark rooms. “The film will go round the festival mainly in the United States. That’s where I grew up, the American people accept my work and my world more than the French people. “, Refers to Ariel Neo without bitterness. He plans to pursue his projects abroad as well.

Photo Saturday, the dancer returned with the red parrots.  © Victoria K.

On Saturday, the dancer toured with the red parrots. © Victoria K.

A good advertisement for the view of the pink rocks of Renault Island. “The pink granite beach is amazing, The director is ecstatic, I try to present nature in its finest form. “

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